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Shut it down.

September 19th, 2010

Yes, you read correctly SHUT IT DOWN! OK, well not really, but almost.

So,  last Saturday I had 2 delicious orders….and it was my eldest daughter’s first soccer game. In case you all don’t know, I am such the soccer mom. No, really. I make the team banners, whip up the coolest snacks for half time and after the game, make team soccer hair clips, you name it. So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was for the first game. I arranged the deliveries for 7:00 am and the other for 12:30…Rick’s game was at nine. The first delivery was in Garden Grove. Having broke my navigation system (which I lived by) two days prior I was a little on edge, but had my iphone to help. So, I plug in the address and was on my way…right on schedule. I took Ani and Snooks with me and left Ricky with Poppa. On the freeway, passing Garden Grove. I am THAT bad with directions….thinking to myself how big is Garden Grove. Well, finally after driving for way too long the phone announces I have reached my destination. I WAS IN SEAL FREAKIN BEACH! I know, cut me some slack..I’m a baker not a delivery person. So, now, I’m freaking out because the clock is ticking. I try to re-input the address and my phone is just not loading. Crap, I was lost. it was now around 7:45 and I was in full panic mode. I call the hubby (who is wondering where I am) and explain…in tears. What? I did not want to miss my baby’s first game. So, the hubby laughs that I am in tears and tries to help….no luck. I’m driving around who knows where and it’s now 8:15…..EF it, I’m going home. 

You have to understand I love ALL of our customers, EVERY single one. You all are what made Two Parts Sugar what it is. This, this was a very special customer though. I’m not sure if any of you remember back when we auditioned for Cupcake Wars, but on lady really pulled through for me and literally got me on the show. You can read about that here. This order was for her….I feel I owe her a lot. So, I snap out of it, call the customer and get directions. 8:30, delivery done. YES! On my way to the game. Huh…not so fast. About half way there (Ladera Ranch) my car dies. You read correctly, died. So, now I am on the side of the road waiting for AAA. Then, AAA ends up on the 405 instead of the 5 and I’m still waiting. I guess it was the alternator…whatever fixed it and I was on my way. Parked the car in the handicap spot (hubby graciously volunteered to move it once I got to the field…awwwww) ran down the what seemed like a mile long hill with both girls in my arms, only to see the game end. Typical Monica luck. 


I was so bummed. You know those movies where the dad misses the big recital because he’s stuck in a meeting….yeah, I was so THAT parent. NEVER again. I talked with the hubby on the way to lunch and told him I was done. I was not going to be THAT parent. I was convinced there would be no more cakes/cupcakes for me. Well, I think we all knew what bologna that was. I was serious at the time…I wanted to shut it down. But, I started thinking about what it has taken to make this what it is.

Yes, it’s very difficult at times to manage the business and family life. Yes, I hate that I NEVER get to sleep. I hate that I have to drag my girls to the cake shop or deliveries. Yes, it gets frustating that I can only do so much because I am not in LA, or because I don’t have Mom and Dad to shell out a lump of cash to get a storefront. I can’t bake every single day and get samples to everyone I can think of. I can’t take every order that comes my way. The most frustrating thing is that I know what I am capable of, but cannot fulfill my potential. I can’t do all the things I want to with the business…and it sucks. Then, while I am getting down on myself for not doing more…I realize, now’s just not the time. As much as i want to “do it all” now, I’d rather be the soccer mom, the mom that spends every possible minute with these girls, cause they are growing fast. I’m not gonna lie, I do wish I had more time in the day. Plus, it totally bugs me when I see these single gals (with no family, or other responsibilities) hustling half as much as I would. I am struggling with my competitive nature daily and constantly turning to my girls for reassurance that I AM doing enough for both the business and them. 

So, that’s that, I got my cupcakes delivered, but missed a very important game. Just another day in the life of a baker trying to raise her girls and balance life.

2 Responses to “Shut it down.”

  1. Justin Says:

    Monica, i don’t know you all too well, i only know you from the tweets you send out and that you own and run Two Parts Sugar. And i know that God loves you so much. I know this because, look how much love you have for your kids. You’re a wonderful mother, and an amazing baker, and your kids love you so much. Please Keep your head up, it’s people like you who need to succeed in this world, you deserve every bit of it. You’re a role model to alot of mothers out there

    Take care and stay strong, God bless

  2. jenny Says:

    Gosh, how stressful! I’ve had similar meltdowns, and I’m going through a little period of doubt at the moment, I can appreciate some of your pain, but I’m not even a mom, so I cant appreciate how hard it is to try and fit that in as well as everything else! I hope you work it out and manage to get some sleep into your life too!

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