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The proposal

August 11th, 2010

I don’t really know how to say this without sounding totally lame…but I LOVE the OC Fair! So, why am I even posting about the Fair? This summer aside from our usual family visit, I will be judging the Cupcake Classic! My first ever judging gig. Too make things even better….I will be judging with The Cupcake Activist!  Yipee! After finding out I would be judging, I started to think back to all the fond memories I had of the Fair. 

I have attended every year for as long as I can remember (the last 15 years at least). It has actually played a pretty big role in my life…no, really. Ahhh, where to start. Well, it was my first job. HA! I actually was one of those people who walked around with a broom and dust pan on a stick (not sure what those are really called)….I even cleaned bathrooms (yuck!). OK, I didn’t really clean them, more like restocked the TP and paper towels…still (double yuck). I worked there two summers and it was actually really fun! Now here’s the real memorable stuff. Your ready? My hubby actually proposed to me at the fair. Was that a chuckle I just heard? Before you judge, keep reading…it’s actually a pretty cool story. 

After dating for 4 years, Fernando (aka RAT) finally popped the big the FAIR?!?!? So, we arrive to the fair after he had been in Boston for a month coaching a wrestling camp at Boston University. I think it was the 2nd day he was back. We get there and we’re walking around and almost immediately he asks if we can get one of those caricatures (those cartoon looking pictures) done. Immediately I was not into it. Why would I want some guy to draw me, accentuating my flaws (um can we say self conscious). We kept walking…and after about 5 minutes he asked again. Um, no thank you! We grab a bite to eat and…yes, he asked again. The day went on like this for a while and finally (really just to get him to stop asking) I give in. “Fine, let’s go…but they better not draw me bad!” He suddenly had a smirk on his face. Whatever, let’s just do it so we can get on with our day (me irritated).

We arrive at the booth and Fernando asks how I would like us to be drawn…you know, like in the jungle, or a fair scene, or riding a flamingo. Seeing as how I was already frustrated with the whole situation, I told him to choose. I go and sit down and wait for him to join me. He plops up on the ripped seat cushion next to me and we wait. We (and by we I mean Fernando) make small talk with the artist and I notice a crowd starting to surround us. Great, he drew me with big ears, buck teeth and a huge forehead…thanks babe! The crowd slowly continued to grow and I start to get nervous. I see people smiling and I just try not to make eye contact. How embarrassing. So, after what seemed like an eternity, the man finishes and Fernando nudges me over to get the picture, while he reaches in his pocket to get money to pay the man with. Great, I have to go get this thing and try to convince the artist that I love it, as to not hurt his feelings (by the way I am the worst liar EVER). So, I approach the man and he hands me the photo. I turn it over to see this:


A little confused, I turn around to get clarification from Fernando and he is on one knee with a ring in hand. He asked me to marry him. I said yes. Remember that crowd that had formed around us (which had now doubled), well they all “got the picture” and began to clap. I was proposed to at the fair and had a picture to remember the moment for ever. (Nice job babe!) Since that day, in an effort to keep that memory alive, every year (for the last 7 years) we have made it tradition to get another picture done (by the same guy!). 

Here is the collection (with the exception of 1 which was lost in the numerous moves)


The “honeymoon” (Alicia was conceived)


The “ball park” (Alicia born)


The “fishing trip” (Anabelle in belly)


“Hawaii” (Anabelle born)…good story to this one! Fernando was in Hawaii coaching for Strike Force and missed the fair. I took his picture along and had him drawn in!


“mermaids” (Angelica in belly)


Notice the blank spot above. This year would have been the 8th year in a row we had our photos done by the same artist…but, he was no where to be found. It was confirmed with 3 of the information booths that there were no caricature artists this year. Bummed doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. 

So, that’s what the fair is all about to me…memories and fun…and LOTS of good food! Can’t wait to judge some yummy cupcakes!

2 Responses to “The proposal”

  1. Cupcake Activist Says:

    What a sweet story… I love it!

    Can’t wait to hang out on Saturday and eat lots of cupcakes. I’m planning on eating tons of fried food after the contest. That’s what the fair is for, right?

  2. Hannah Says:

    Love this story!
    That’s really sad that the caricature artist is gone and your tradition can’t be continued.

    Good luck being a judge at the fair! You’ll get to see what it’s like on the other side now. =)

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