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Baking for a V.I.P.

July 18th, 2010

cat_in_the_hatYou’d think I was baking for the president or something! To me, this was even better. If you follow my tweets/FB/Blog posts, you know I am obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba, er, uh, I mean my girls are obsessed, um, yeah. Who could resist falling in love with a show that brings your children so much joy, right? So, I get an e-mail from Laurie Cromie who runs the Gabba Friends website. This site is amazing. Anything you want to know about YGG from party ideas, to tour updates, to well, anything, it’s the place to find it. Anyway, Laurie e-mails me, after seeing our infamous YGG cake (which she posted on the site) and requests a cake for Parker Jacobs upcoming birthday. Yes, Parker Jacobs. I know, I had to google him too. Parker is the Art Director for Yo Gabba Gabba! He also was the Senior Design Director for Paul Frank and Professor for the Aquabats. I just about died laughing while reading his profile on Linkedin which stated his job interests as the following: my kids, organizational development (not really), strategic napping, corporate financial paychecks, extreme slurpee sipping, community (Church) theater, semi-professional networking, internet web research, canoeing, international travel, special cake baking, friends that like skiing, Disneyland history, listening to people reading novels, playing the ukulele. He also has a pretty sweet blog you can check out here.  Oh and check out this “Daily Doodle”! 


IMG_8375So, Parker’s cake…Laurie tells me he requested a “Big Pink Cake” as seen in The Cat in The Hat. The flavor….cherry chip. She attached an image and let me run with the flavor. I had no idea where to start with the cherry chip. I started thinking of the ice cream, chunks of cherries and chocolate chips. Then, I noticed a box of Duncan Hines Cherry Chip cake mix while down the baking aisle in my local grocery store. It would be perfect. I scowered the internet for cherry chips and experimented with icings until I thought what I had was just right. So, here’s the new flavor:

Parker Cherry Chip (yes we named a flavor after him, cause he’s just THAT rad!)….vanilla bean cupcake with cherry chips mixed in, topped with vanilla bean buttercream and cherry ganache drizzle….So Yummy!

IMG_1805Me, cake, Parker and daughter

Laurie is SO sweet, she made it a point to get in touch with us the following day, here’s what she ahd to say!

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful cake! Parker and all of his family and friends LOVED it! Even the caterers were asking about it! Parker’s youngest daughter said, “Daddy, it looks like a cartoon!” which was the point! And the flavors were sooooo delicious! You did the most amazing job! Everyone raved over your cake, and I mean everyone!” -Laurie

“One of the most amazing things about the party was this CAKE. It was PINK & Suessy. The most delicious cherry chip & vanilla bean cake… So Good!! It was a Parker dream-cake…My favorite…And you know me and cake…     So, I’m a fan….” -Parker Jacobs


It was so special to me to be able to create something for someone who has created something so special for my girls (yes, YGG was created for MY GIRLS…lol!). Parker, from our family to you…we wish you a very happy birthday and a big thank you for being a part of our favorite show!

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