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The ultimate Yo Gabba Gabba party….

June 27th, 2010

You may all think I am obsessed, and I guess I kind of am. My girls both absolutely adore Yo Gabba Gabba, so you can’t really blame a mom for LOVING something that brings her girls so much joy…right? So, back in January I threw together a YGG party in about a week for my Ani who was turning 2. After having SO much fun putting everything together, I was thrilled when my soon to be 4 year old announced she too wanted a YGG party. This time I had a bit  more time to prepare (about a month). So, in between being a mom, and baking my tush off, I found myself up late every night getting as much done as I possibly could to make this the best party yet. Of course there was still way more I would have like to have done, but time ran out. So, here it is, the ultimate Yo Gabba Gabba party for my Ricky who turned four. Oh, and did I mention I made the most awesome cake ever for her (I only say that cause my daughter loved it so much…I’d make changes if I did it again). 

SO many pics….where to start? The invite: I obviously wanted to incorporate the theme, but wanted to keep it modern and clean…went with the circle Gabba faces for most of the decor.








I guess we can go on to the goody bags….I chose colored buckets and made the faces of each character on the appropriate colored bucket. I then filled the bucket with some goodies: an apron they would be painting later, a windmill, a 5 page coloring book (one page of each character), a squirt gun (we had an inflatable water slide), a baggy of water balloons, and a bag of crayons and YGG stickers…each tied up with a black ribbon. They were finished off with name tags that read “My name is —– I like to dance!” The buckets also doubled as candy storage when it came time for the pinata!















So, next we had some decorations…You can never go wrong with coordinating streamers hanging from above, but I wanted to Gabbafy it. So,I made double sided faces of each character that matched the invites and strung them from some black ribbon.


On to entertainment….Along with a giant water slide we rented (and ended up purchasing…Yipee!), we had giant water blasters, big bouncy balls, a kiddie pool, and a plex sprinkler (we never used cause it needed a hose and that was already being run to the slide). Oh, and did I mention the games? I made a pin the eyeball on Muno (pretty self explanatory right?), as well as a “Party in my tummy” Brobee bean bag toss (bean bag food and all). One of the awesome moms also volunteered to paint faces, you’d never guess what the request of the day was….THE CAKE!


Ok, next hmmmmm…the centerpieces! These were my favorite! Originally I was going to paint the Gabba Lands and characters on containers but, I have 3 kids and a limited amount of time. So I picked up some clear plastic painters buckets and some paper, went to my computer and hit print. I then stuffed the buckets with tissue paper and popped in some rice krispie treats decorated to look like the characters faces….TOO CUTE!


Next, the pinata! My daughter’s favorite character is Foofa (the pink one) so I mad her a Foofa pinata. I found a Bratz pinata at party city on clearance for $5.00 (yes $5.00!) and grabbed a bag of pink tissue paper and went to town. I glued on the new tissue paper and cut out a face and eyes and viola…Foofa, fa Foofa, fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa Foofa! And yes…all my girls had on very colorful swimsuits to go with our theme! 


Now on to the yummy stuff…..Dazzle berry lomonade anyone? In one of the episodes of YGG Muno’s mom makes “dazzle berry lemonade”, so we served some up. Of course we had to include polka dot cups and colorful squiggly straws to go with!


I tried to adapt each character into a goody…all thought up literally the day before and made with whatever I had lying around the house!

Foofa oreos, complete with her signature flower.


Muno chocolate covered pretzels (and yes, I know I spelled it wrong on the label, I didn’t even realize until I was writing this blog)!


Plex….well, I had some left over rice krispie treats so I threw together some smores krispies and stuck them on a yellow stand (close enough).
Toodee got marshmallows. Nothing crazy, just some marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with a little glitter.
Here’s my favorite! Brobee popcorn! I decorated the box (which already had holes in the top) to resemble Brobees recognizable green stripes and to play off his signature red horns, turned them into popcorn cones! I then labeled each cone with his well know phrase “so yummy, so yummy”.
What is a party without  CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can’t have cake without untencils and ours were wrapped up in polka dots and YGG stickers!
Here’s what it all looked like when it came together!
IMG_7714To top it off, here are a few more pics (as if there weren’t enough already) that I loved to pieces…ENJOY!
Oh, and YES…I made them all shout Yooooo Gabba Gabbaaaaaaa while taking this one!
A big thank you to everyone who came. You all helped make this day so special and memorable for our entire family. We love you all! 

12 Responses to “The ultimate Yo Gabba Gabba party….”

  1. Christina Meumann Says:

    My boys and I had a great time. Everything tasted delicious…we has at least one of everything! Travis loved decorating his apron and playing for hours on the waterslide. Kevin loved watching all the kids get their faces painted. You did an awesome job tying the show in to the party. So much thought went into every little didn’t miss a thing!

  2. Kim - The TomKat Studio Says:

    Adorable details!! The cake is AMAZING!! Wonderful job, thank you for sharing!

  3. julie Says:

    You did such and AMAZING job!! All the details are impressive, superb!

  4. Leslie - Houses, Couches and Babies Says:

    What an amazing Yo Gabba Gabba Party! You paid such close attention to detail and the cake…absolutely divine!

  5. Violet Says:

    OMG, everything turned out amazing!!! You have given me so many ideas for our Yo Gabba Gabba party! I linked the cake image back to your blog for others to see as well. I really hope I can find someone to make a cake like yours =D

  6. Sky Says:

    I love, love, LOVE the cake. Wow, all the details look amazing. I am planning a YGG for my kids in September and I was looking for some really creative ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Katie Says:

    Ive seen this party several times on the net and i would love to purchase the invites as well as some of the treats what do i have to do? I cant find those invites any where

  8. monica Says:

    Hmmmm….cause I’m “fun to watch, I build and work all day”.

  9. Megan Says:

    Great job!!! Your party looked amazing! Do you do any work in Chicago? Haha, jk, but seriously if you did I would love to hire you for my daughter’s party (or mine, I LOVE that show!!). If you don’t already do this type of thing professionally, you should! Those pictures blew me away.

  10. Amy Says:

    Hello, I am currently trying to plan my son’s 1st birthday party. He is obsessed with YGG. I wanted to see if you could tell me what vendors you used for food and decorations.


  11. Ashley Says:

    Wow these cakes are Soooo awesome! This must have took a lot of time.

  12. Emily Says:

    This is beautiful ! I am planning a Yo Gabba Gabba party for my daughter turning one. I have 2 months to do so, can I borrow some ideas?

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