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LA Cupcake Challenge results

February 24th, 2010

Here are the results…needless to say we are thrilled with the outcome!

Best Traditional
1st Place:  Big Man Bakes “Red Velvet”
2nd Place:  Blue Cupcake “Sweet and Salty Vanilla”
3rd Place:  Southern Girl Desserts “Red Velvet”

Best Original
1st Place:  My Delight Cupcaker “Breakfast Cake”
2nd Place:  Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
3rd Place:  Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”

Best Overall
1st Place:  Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
2nd Place:  My Delight Cupcaker “Breakfast Cake”
3rd Place:  Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”


So there you have it…we took 3rd place in the Best Original category and what we were most excited about was taking 3rd  (out of 54 cupcakes) in the Best Overall category. Congratulations to all the bakeries who attended…it was an accomplishment just baking all those yummy cupcakes and presenting them along side all of your beautiful displays. To all the other bakeries who placed…awesome job! Again a super-duper big giant thank you to everyone who helped….you all played a huge role in our success.

3 Responses to “LA Cupcake Challenge results”

  1. Justin Polacek Says:

    Hey it’s Justin from Jus minis! It was so nice meeting you at the competiton. I totally agree on feeling accomplished with just baking all those cupcakes! it was crazy, i’ve never done that many cupcakes in my life lol. Oh! And congrats on the academy awards! i’m so excited for you! you deserve it. alrighty, take care and keep baking


  2. Fazy Says:


  3. Tina Marlissa Says:

    Wow! Congrats again!

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