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Super Bowl GIVEAWAY!

January 18th, 2010

Listen up all you football fanatics, cause this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss! Two Parts Sugar, Kitchen Couture, and Sugar Cat Studio are teaming up to bring you the ultimate Super Bowl party package.

Enter to win 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes from Two Parts Sugar, complete with custom made Super Bowl decorations….a “Sporty Couture” apron from Kitchen Couture, and 24 custom cupcake wrappers from Sugar Cat Studio! You could win everything you need to make your Super Bowl party one your guests will not soon forget.


Super Bowl final four

San Diego Chargers (Reversible)

“Sporty Couture” arpon

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling us who you think will be going to the Super Bowl..that’s it! Want this Super Bowl party package REALLY bad? Well, you can earn another entry by Tweeting about our giveaway …earn another entry by posting about our giveaway on Facebook, earn yet another entry by blogging about our giveaway, and finally, earn one last entry by going to Kitchen Couture and checking out their awesome aprons, come back here and leave a comment telling us which apron you liked best. That’s 5 entries for a chance to win!

When is the deadline to be eligible to win? All entries must be submitted by no later than Saturday, January 23rd (the day before the final four teams will play to go to the Super Bowl).  If your team wins on Sunday January 24th and is moving on to the big game, then you will go in to the drawing to win the ultimate football party package!

When will the winner be announced? All friends & fans whose team wins on Sunday will be put in to a random drawing.  The winner will be drawn and announced on Monday, January 25th.

When will I get my prize? The prize package will be delivered by February 4th to the lucky recipient.

Is there any cost to me for winning? None whatsoever (but we would really appreciate it if you told your friends and family where all of your fabulous football goodies came from)!


65 Responses to “Super Bowl GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Eryn Says:

    My sources *puts away the crystal ball* say the Saints.

    I am painfully outta the loop this year though, but *fingers crossed!!* It is torture to read your blog and twitter feed and not get to taste your cupcakes!

  2. Eryn Says:

    Following you on Twitter under @Leighbra :)

  3. Eryn Says:

    Fanned you on Facebook, as if I didn’t need MORE torture ;)

  4. Eryn Says:

    My favorite apron (wow, that was hard…) is called “Daisy May” and is out of stock because SOME LUCKY BRAT bought it.

  5. Devona McGill Says:

    I think the two teams will be the Saints and the Colts.

  6. Cupcake Activist Says:

    My favorite apron from Kitchen Couture is the Raspberry Truffle. I’ve been wanting an apron like this for quite a while!

  7. Cupcake Activist Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t keep up with NFL so my guess is a wild one: the Jets.

  8. Liz Says:

    Go Saints!

  9. Lisa Plata Says:

    I think the Jets will win!!! :)

  10. Lisa Plata Says:

    Loved the San Diego Chargers (Scoop Neck) apron!! Too bad they’re outta stock!! TOOO CUTE!

  11. Josie Chow Says:

    I going out on a limb here but I am picking The Jets!! GOOO!!! :)

  12. Josie Chow Says:

    Ok I posted on my FB page now to check out the aprons!

  13. Josie Chow Says:

    Okay way hard to chose favorite apron..but I like Cherry Pie and Summer in the City!!

  14. Cupcake Activist Says:

    I blogged about the giveaway.

  15. ljcadv Says:

    the colts!!!!

  16. ljcadv Says:

    i tweeted!

  17. ljcadv Says:

    the Jennifer apron is so sweet! Love!

  18. Ashlee Says:

    J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! :-)

  19. Ashlee Says:

    loved all the sports aprons but think my husband would love the Raiders one the best!!! Oh and I forgot to pick my other team for the Super Bowl…. the Saints!!!

  20. thefancyladygourmet Says:

    i dont know much about football but ill go with the jets since they are local to me lol

  21. thefancyladygourmet Says: i tweeted it also

  22. thefancyladygourmet Says:

    i also like the playing cupid apron

  23. thefancyladygourmet Says:

    i just posted this on my facebook as well im under the fancy lady gourmet

  24. Debra Says:

    I say saints and the colts but I really want it to be Colts and the Vikings!!

  25. doreen Says:

    Well, being an Arizonan, I thought the Cardinals had a shot, but now I’d have to put my money on the Saints!

  26. Cupcake Activist Says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  27. Lisa Smiley Says:

    New Orleans and the jets, but what do i know?

  28. Erin Says:

    I think it is going to be the Saints vs the Colts…..thinking the Saints will go all the way though!

  29. Erin Says:

    I checked out the aprons and while my favorite football team did not have an apron, they were very cute. I looked through the rest of the aprons and I thought Summer in the City was my favorite! All so cute though!

  30. CB Says:

    I hoping to see a Saints v Colts Superbowl with the Saints taking the win. Nothing against Peyton Manning but Drew Brees is da man. (And Reggie Bush aint nothing to sneeze at either. HA!)

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway! I hope I win :)

  31. CB Says:

    I twatted. :P

  32. Franz Says:

    I think it will be the Vikings and the Colts.

  33. Eleanor Says:

    I believe that the Colts will win. My second choice is on the Vikings.

  34. Chrissy Says:

    Just darling – and yummy I’m sure! The apron a must have!

    I follow you on FB too and Twitter


  35. Diana Says:

    I predict New York Jets and New Orlean Saints will be in the superbowl!

  36. Diana Says:

    By the way I loved the SF 49ers apron the best!! Go Niners!!

  37. ShootingStarsMag Says:

    I woud like to see the Colts.

  38. ShootingStarsMag Says:

    I love the I “heart” teddy bears apron. super cute. :)

  39. Kelly Says:

    Who Dat?? Geaux Saints!

  40. Kelly Says:

    I like the Chocolate Decedance apron! Just the way I like my cupcakes!

  41. Madame Sucre Says:

    oh so cute!! adorable!!!

  42. Deb K Says:

    Well~seeing I am from Mn I am going to say the Minnesota Vikings!!

  43. Deb K Says:


  44. Deb K Says:

    I love the Daisy May Apron the best~Too Cute :-)

  45. spanish league goals Says:

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  46. Sherry Says:

    I’ll go with the Saints but I honestly know nothing about football!

  47. Sherry Says:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers apron is great. although they haven’t played too well this year…=/

  48. Wendy Guy Says:

    Go Vikings!!!!

  49. Tracy Says:

    Mighty Vikings!

  50. Tracy Says:

    Sorry, I have to pick the Merry Cherries apron!!

  51. Edward R Says:


  52. Tracy Says:

    I know who WON’T be going to the Super Bowl, the Bears! Sigh…why Lovey…why!

  53. Alexa Says:

    LOVE the San Diego Chargers (Scoop Neck) apron.

  54. Alexa Says:

    And I think the Saints are headed to the superbowl!

  55. Debbie Says:

    I’m a big fan of Two Parts Sugar! Hopefully the Saints won’t leave me without an entry in the Superbowl giveaway…go Saints!

  56. Debbie Says:

    My favorite apron is Summer in the City – sooo cute and reversible too!

  57. Joanna Says:

    Vikings! :)

  58. Stephanie Says:

    I predict that the vikings and jets will be in it! By the way, love the aprons!!!

  59. Irma Garcia Says:

    I believe it will be the Colts and the Saints!!

  60. Sara Paonessa Says:

    I say the saints and the colts.

  61. NutMeg Says:

    I think it will be the Colts and the Saints. No idea who would win out of those two, probably the Colts, but that is what I think it will be!

  62. Chrissy Farnan Says:

    I’m going to say the saints! Darling cupcakes and apron! A hostess with the mostest

  63. eric hardy Says:

    go saints
    go saints
    who dat
    who dat
    my kids will watch the game with me if i have cupcakes

  64. Gourmet Coffees Says:

    I really enjoy your posting and look forward to your next information. Thanks much.

  65. Maragret Adamczyk Says:

    Hello, I really enjoy the look of your site. What theme are you using?

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