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Cupcake Wars wrap up

December 29th, 2009

So, there you have it Cupcake Wars has aired and we couldn’t be more thrilled (for the airing, not the outcome). If you don’t know the story behind it all, you can read about everything from the call, the audition, the call back, the dilemma, the casting and all of our thank yous. Yes, you can experience it all as if you were there! 

So, if you caught it I really hoped you enjoyed it! We would love to hear any feedback, good or bad! Let us know what you thought of the show, the competitors, the judges, the host…we want to hear all of your comments! If you caught us on facebook or twitter, you got the inside scoop on a few things and how we were feeling as we watched. We received lots of feedback and questions…we’d like to answer a few questions: 

When are you due?

Had baby girl number 3….Angelica on November 27, 2009! Yay! 

Where was the “spicy”? 

 Yes, I know we technically did not use the “spicy” component as many of the others interpreted the term. However in reading the definition below, you can clearly see our cupcake fell into more than one of the 5 definitions!


adj. spic·i·erspic·i·est


1. Having the flavor, aroma, or quality of spice.
2. Piquant; zesty: a spicy tomato sauce.
3. Producing or abounding in spices.
4. High-spirited; lively.
5. Slightly scandalous; risqué: a spicy Hollywood romance.


Was the churro cupcake the only thing you could come up with?

tpschurroOf course not! Sky’s the limit when it comes to flavor combos! We originally were going to go with a mexican chocolate cupcake…always had a box of Abuelita or Ibarra sitting around the house as a kid. The initial plan was a mexican chocolate cupcake, filled with cinnamon whipped cream and topped with a rich mexican chocolate ganache frosting and topped with gold sprinkles. I absolutely cannot stand the taste of mexican chocolate, so I made the executive decision to cut it. I can’t sell something I don’t absolutely LOVE! Plus…we wanted to stay away from the chocolate as we felt it would be a popular pick amongst the contestants. I wouldn’t change a thing though…except the frosting!

The frosting?

OK, so our frosting pretty much sucked! We made one batch of icing that just wasn’t hitting the mark for us, under the pressure, I think we missed a step. So, we made it again. This time not having enough vanilla bean or enough time to mix it to the consistancy we would have liked…..that’s just how it goes. We have since improved our recipe and LOVE it!

Did we know we were going home after the judges table?

We knew it was a possibility before the judging even began. We knew if it was anything it would be our frosting that got us sent home. The cake was delicious…moist and flavorful…the churros, to die for. The frosting was our detriment and we saw it coming before those bad boys were even plated. We were just hoping someone else had a worse encounter. But, at least I know the judges were on top of their game…they knew exactly what was wrong with each cupcake, including ours. 

Was it hard to film being pregnant?

Yes and no. There was a lot of prep involved and lots of sleepless nights. I am a very persistent person and put my all into everything I do. That being said, I was not going to let my pregnancy get in the way of anything. I was mindful of my little angel, careful and knew my limitations. But I was not going to go into this without giving it my all. Days were long and my feet and back would hurt…the tent was a bit warm at times too, but everyone was very supportive and helpful. The whole production crew made this experience amazing for me! 

What was your design for the presentation round?

While no, it was not a lady in a dress, it’s kinda hard to describe without a photo. Do I think we would have won that round with our design…possibly. But I must say, Elfie’s idea was great. I loved that she incorporated a real woman in the center and that it was mobile. She did a great job!

What’s next?

Well, maybe you guys should be asking what’s not next. We are working everyday to bring our tasty creations to you all. We are constantly trying to put a new spin on cupcakes and everything they represent. We have the LA Cupcake Challenge in February, the Arthritis Walk in May and hopefully many things in between! I also hope to open a storefront by the end of the year! 

So, Thank you to everyone who tuned in. We really do appreciate the continued support. Again, we’d love to hear your feedback…so drop us a message!

You can also read more of the “inside scoop” from Natalie over at Bake and Destroy.

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  1. Natalie Says:

    I would still like a bowl of those tortilla crispies, please.

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