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Food Network…HERE WE COME!!!!!

September 20th, 2009

I recently posted about an opportunity we had with THE FOOD NETWORK….just an interview, a chance  of a lifetime that could potentially catapult our cupcakes to the next level….well, WE DID IT! We were cast to be a part of a show that should be airing within the next couple of months. I haven’t posted anything until now because of very strict confidentiality rules. But, one of our favorite blogs, Bake and Destroy has posted a little tidbit, so we figured we’d give you all just a taste. 

I know my posts can be lengthy, so I’ll try to adapt this to those with even the shortest attention span. I will first say OMG….I can’t believe we were blessed with such an amazing opportunity! I mean this is the FOOD NETWORK…win or loose…this is HUGE for us! I have to mention everyone working on the show from the fabulous judges, to the friendly contestants, to the AWESOME production crew…they were all so down to earth and friendly. I have never been surrounded by SO many fun, energetic, kind people all in one place at a time! From the actual casting audition, the call back, the long hours and intense hard work and the time that goes into something like this is just unreal. All in all it was an AMAZING opportunity and such a fun time. You can read more about Natalie’s (from Bake and Destroy) experience here and find out a little more about the contestants and judges. 

For now I will have to keep all that I have experienced a bit more confidential….but will keep you updated! 

This past week has been a whirlwind and I couldn’t have done it with out my partner (and sis) Maria, she really  pulled through for Two Parts Sugar. Also, OF COURSE my loving, supportive, PATIENT husband, who without I would be completely LOST! My girls (although they may not have known what all was going on) for being such troopers. My mom for her unconditional support and willingness to drop whatever she had going on to accommodate to my schedule. My sister Alicia (who has a 6 week old) for babysitting my two little rascals. My dad for his handy skills and willingness to guide me through the process. My big brother Juan for also dropping what he was doing to help guide me, support me, and bring out my best and most creative ideas. Katie B for being available to me LAST minute and willing to work with my budget and schedule. Also, to the entire production team…you all ROCK and were a pleasure to work with…I will remember you all forever. Thank you to all our loyal customers and everyone else who has crossed our paths in the last 10 months since our journey in the cupcake world began. I can’t express how truly blessed and appreciative I am of every single one of you!

2 Responses to “Food Network…HERE WE COME!!!!!”

  1. cupcakeactivist Says:

    I was just about to email you Bake & Destroy’s post in case you hadn’t seen it yet. I guess this answers it. I’m so excited to hear about the show! It will be so fun to see you on TV. I hope it went great for you. Congrats!

  2. Debra Says:

    Congrats!!!! Im so proud of you guys cant wait to see it


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