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Busy weekend!

June 1st, 2009

This weekend we had a lot going on. We just finished a “King of the Jungle” baby shower cake and cupcakes, My Little Pony cupcakes, Lingerie cupcakes, two engagement cakes and cupcakes, and 4 wedding sample boxes! 

The “King of the Jungle” order was so fun to do and we loved how it all turned out. The cake was raspberry red velvet with raspberry cream cheese icing, as were the cupcakes. You can read more about it here. 

Jungle theme baby shower cake and cupcakes

 I can not tell u how much we loved the cake & cupcakes!! I never expected the cake to look as beautiful as it did!! U matched our theme to a T! Our guests couldn’t stop talking about it…

-Lisa Plata

…It was the greatest cake I’ve had!

-Desa Dowell


The My Little Pony cupcakes were for a little girl named Natalia who was turning 1! They turned out so sweet. It was an order for 40 cupcakes, half marble with chocolate buttercream mousse, and half raspberry red velvet with white chocolate buttercream. It was the funniest thing too…when I was working out the last details with Natalia’s mom it turned out we had actually gone to school together and were on the same cheerleading team!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! You know, first and foremost, this business is a means of income for my family and me. Second, it is a creative outlet for me. I wouldn’t be doing it though, unless it was bringing smiles to the faces of our clients. I love when one of our cakes or cupcakes just wows someone and brings a smile to their face. Now, as an added bonus, it has been reuniting me with old friends and allowed me to meet new people. Man, I have the best job in the world!!!!

My Little Pony cupcakes

OMG Monica, UR cup cakes were amazing….my guest loved them! especially the rasp. red velvet! OMG to die for…

-Betty Castro


Next, we had an order for some bridal shower cupcakes. You can’t have a bridal shower without some of our lingerie cupcakes! This was an order for 24 minis, in purple, lavender  and white. They were marble cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream icing. These were the littlest lingerie pieces we’ve done to date.

purple lingerie cupcakes

Those were for my Bridal shower last weekend!! They were AMAZING! THe frosting just melted on my mouth. Great Job!

-Erin Burgoon


Then, we had our largest order for the weekend…two 6″ cakes and 3 dz cupcakes. This order was fun because we more or less had creative liberty on it. The only specifications were the flavors, and one cake was to be blue buttercream with the words “She said yes” and the other to be covered in white marshmallow fondant and covered in blue swirls. So, we went with it!

The first cake was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing. It was covered in blue vanilla buttercream and adorned with edible pearls. When we ordered the pearls we requested them in 4 sizes all in the same color. Well, as you can see some of the pearls were more white than other. We ordered them from Fancy Flours and once they found out they took care of the situation immediately. A big thank you to Fancy Flours for their amazing customer service and speedy delivery timing! So, we wanted to keep it simple, so we did just the pearls and the requested “She said yes” on top. Then, as I was taking the cake out of the refrigerator as we were loading up to go, I scraped the entire top of the cake on the shelf above (mind you I had only gotten an hour of sleep the previous night)!!!! Luckily I was able to repair it to where it looked as though nothing happened and we were able to arrive on time. 

To go along with this cake we did 1 dz raspberry red velvet cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting, decorated with sugar sprinkles, and edible pearls. We also included white chocolate macadamia nut cupcakes topped with fondant flowers.

Pearl engagement cupcake tower

The second cake was pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling and covered in marshmallow fondant. The request for this one….white with blue swirls. I had a hard time getting started on this. Swirls….hmmm…do I use buttercream or rolled fondant, how big should I make them, should I add anything else? I just started covering the cake with the MMF (marshmallow fondant) and once that was done I added the turquoise border. Then it hit me, well partially. I decided to go with a lighter fondant swirls and cover just the sides. After that was done, it just needed something else. So, I added the swirls at the top to match the border. It still did not look finished. I am always very cautious at this point because it is very easy to go overboard instead of just stopping and keeping a design clean and simple.  I followed my heart and added the flowers. Then, last minute, I decided some shimmering dots would make a nice accent and tie in the darker turquoise. That was that. I absolutely loved how it turned out!


To go along with this cake I wanted to incorporate the dark and light turquoise. I almost went with swirls, but wanted something a little more romantic. So, I went with interlocking hearts…what could be more appropriate for the newly engaged couple. They were set atop coconut cupcakes with coconut icing and toped with toasted coconut. We also added some of the white chocolate macadamia nut cupcakes with flowers to finish it up. 

swirl/flower engagement cake

Lastly, we had 4 sample boxes to get out for some prospective wedding orders. The flavors included chocolate/coconut, raspberry red velvet, white chocolate macadamia nut, coconut/coconut, marble/white chocolate, pumpkin/cream cheese, chocolate/chocolate, and vanilla/vanilla. We’ve booked one so far and are waiting to hear back from the orders…wish us luck!

assorted cupcakes bridal sample

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to place an order you can contact us here.

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    Wow – what a selection – I’m not sure which is my favourite. It might be the turquoise cake and cupcakes – gorgeous!

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