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2009 LA Cupcake Challenge results!

April 1st, 2009

Going into this competition we were a little hesitant. We kinda felt like we were going up against the “big dogs”, which we were. I can’t say enough good things about all the bakeries involved in this competition. So, our main goal was to just get our name out there and to enjoy the experience. No, really. I know it’s a competition and you go to win, but we really were just in it to see what it was all about and gain some exposure. 

Then, the competition came and went. I have to say, after hearing so many good things about our cupcakes and display, I did start to feel a little better about having entered this challenge. Then, we started to see a lot of good reviews and it was over. I have to be completely honest here, the competitor in me was set loose! I wanted first place. I thought we had a chance and now, anything less would be a disappointment. 

I began to google and see what I could find about the results. We were supposed to know by Tuesday. I waited and waited, and waited. Finally we get an e-mail that the results would be in on Wednesday…oh, the suspense. So, this morning I woke up ran downstairs, one girl in each arm (my 2 and 1 year old girls). I set them down for breakfast and immediately started up the computer. The results were in!

Best Traditional:

1st:  Susie Cakes: Red Velvet

2nd:  Two Parts Sugar: Raspberry Red Velvet

3rd:  Blue Cupcake: Chocolate


Best Original:

1st:  Polkatots: Dulce De Leche

2nd:  Sugar Jones: Blackberries and Cream

3rd:  Southern Girl: Sweet Potato Pie


Best Overall:

1st:  Polkatots:  Dulce De Leche

2nd:  Sugar Jones:  Blackberries and Cream

3rd:  Sugar Jones: Casanova’s Kiss

HHHHEEEEEYYYYYY……Was that us placing 2nd under the best traditional category?!?!?!? WoooooHooooo! Ok, I know I said I ended up really wanting first, but second is not too shabby. I really want to thank everyone who helped and supported us with the giant task of baking 1,000 mini cupcakes for this competition. The support was unbelievable! Oh, and next year we want first place OVERALL! Watch out……we’re out for blood! 

Congratulations to all the other bakeries who competed, for doing such an amazing job, and to the top placers for coming up with such yummy cupcakes! 

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  1. Little Miss Cupcake Says:

    Congrats! Wish i could get my hands on some of your RRVs!

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